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Read Launch Your Signature Course reviews from real students!

Our students have created successful online courses in every industry and niche. Below you can see some of the unique courses our students have launched and read Launch Your Signature Course™ reviews!

Gemma's Launch Your Signature Course Testimonial


“You have literally changed everything about the way I do my business and I couldn't be more grateful. Thanks girl!”

Gemma Bonham Carter,


“I did my first webinar today and I made $2000! I was expecting NOTHING! So thank you for being my total inspiration and for the coaching and support! I can't believe this is something I can actually do.

- Gilit Cooper,


“I reached almost 1,000 subscribers (989) using the strategies in LYSC™, did my first 5 webinars (!!), created and launched my first course and have students enrolled! Just when I thought Mariah's content couldn't get any better... it did.  MIND BLOWN! LYSC™ seriously taught me everything I needed to know to design, create and launch my first course, in a way that I could actually understand and implement on my own.  Just a year ago, I had a tiny little blog with like 100 followers (that were probably mostly my friends and fam) and no e-products.  Now, I have almost 1,000 followers, an e-book for sale on Amazon and my first online course published with actual students enrolled!  All thanks to Mariah Coz... her methods really work!  THANK YOU!!"

- Jenn Baxter,

“I used Webinar Rockstar and Launch Your Signature Course to create my list building and audience trust with Nutrition Summit 2016. I had a list of 350 two weeks ago and now am up to over 1000 that I have been tagging and segmenting for a variety of products I plan to launch later this year. It’s been a super huge collaboration, but very beneficial as I just started using Leadpages, Convertkit and Teachable. Thanks for your help as this has been a super awesome event for me and I couldn’t have done it without Webinar Rockstar™ and LYSC™.

- Susan Watson,


"One of the smartest decisions I made this year was to enroll in Launch Your Signature Course. I went from working on my course making zero progress for basically a year, to creating and launching a course in the span of 6 weeks! I went on to run my first four-figure launch while working on the course on weekends only."

 - Brittany Berger,

"I’ve seriously learned more in the past month about all of this than I have in my 4+ years of blogging. I’m having FUN learning, and I really enjoy the work! I also wanted to let you know that I’ve grown my email list from ZERO to 4,600+ with strategies in LYSC™ :) Getting replies to my emails is exciting and it makes me happy knowing I’m helping people. I love it :) Thank you for all your advice and help."

- Ally Archer,

"Mariah's ability to break down these big 'Oh no, what do I even do? Where do I start?’ situations into such simple solutions is incredible, honestly. It all makes SO much sense and I feel so much more confident about creating a course! I've found that I've been able to apply what I've been learning in LYSC™ to so many areas of my biz - I've used the webinar strategies to host my first ever webinar and after implementing some content upgrades and course specific opt ins my email list is really starting to take off. My favorite thing about it is the structure of the course - the modules are organized SO well and when I get stuck on a specific thing I know exactly where to find it. Oh, and the launch email sequence lesson is incredible, I use it for EVERYTHING."

- Emily Banks,


Julie turned her fashion brand into an online course to add a new revenue stream to her business!

"Mariah is a brilliant business woman and really is just so passionate and smart about wanting to help people be as successful as she is. She introduced me to the wild world of e-courses and she helped me build my fashion brand into an online course!"

- Julie Mollo,