“I reached almost 1,000 subscribers (989) using the strategies in LYSC™, did my first 5 webinars (!!), created and launched my first course and have students enrolled! Just when I thought Mariah's content couldn't get any better... it did.  MIND BLOWN! LYSC™ seriously taught me everything I needed to know to design, create and launch my first course, in a way that I could actually understand and implement on my own.  Just a year ago, I had a tiny little blog with like 100 followers (that were probably mostly my friends and fam) and no e-products.  Now, I have almost 1,000 followers, an e-book for sale on Amazon and my first online course published with actual students enrolled!  All thanks to Mariah Coz... her methods really work!  THANK YOU!!"

- Jenn Baxter, www.LiveAFastLife.com