If you want to launch a course in 2017, you'll need these planning tools to map out your projected revenue, email subscribers, launch calendar, and more!

I'm Mariah Coz, and I am so excited to be giving you my own tried-and-tested annual planning tools and spreadsheets for free!


It’s my favorite time of the year - the time for annual launch planning!

To me, this time of year is all about imagining the possibilities for your upcoming launches and then making a solid plan to get there!

It’s one thing to declare your goals for your online course revenue and email subscribers for next year, but it’s another thing to actually plot out in exact detail how you’ll reach those goals.

And that’s what my tried and true (and free!) 2017 Course Launch Planning Pack will help you to do!

It’s the exact pack of spreadsheets, calendars, and trackers that me and my team use to project our sales, organize our launch calendar, and more. (I’m using it right now to make sure we hit all of our goals for 2017!).

I’ve helped thousands of people launch their online courses, and I get tons of questions from my students around this time of year:

  • How many launches can I do in a year?

  • When should I re-launch my courses?

  • What do I promote in between my launches?

I’ve decided to share these tools with you so that you can plan for a successful, organized 2017.

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Get organized for 2017 with these free tools!

You'll instantly receive my Course Launch Planner Pack with all the trackers, projection spreadsheets, and calendars you need for 2017!