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Need a website? We designed this one especially for you.

The done-for-you website template specifically optimized for those who want to build their email list, sell more digital products, and create a simple, functional hub for their online business!

This website template is fully customizable and brand-able! Whether you have no blog or website and know you need one, or just aren't totally in love with your current website - this template is EVERYTHING you need to have a profitable, high-converting home base for your blog and business!


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Or just two easy payments of $75/month for two months

This template has been tested, engineered, and specifically designed to create sales and conversions for course creators. Yes, really.

This website is designed to help you build your list, sell more courses, direct people to your lead magnets, and increase your sales. Everything about it is intentional. It is designed from the ground up with YOU in mind!

Everything is entirely customizable and brandable! And it's all on the simplest, most affordable and easy to use platform in the world - Squarespace. We use Squarespace in our own business, and our students do too because it's easy to get a professional look - for less than $12/month!

And the best part? No Photoshop or complicated software required!

We teach you how to use all free apps and programs to create professional graphics


Why use Squarespace?

We're totally obsessed with this platform. Here's why:


Drag and drop builder and styling makes it easy to use and professional looking, even if you have no tech or design skills


Create a low maintenance website (no plugins, no security measures needed) that you can update yourself easily, anytime.


Does everything you need it to right out of the box - meaning you can get your site up FAST even if you aren't tech savvy!

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Not only will you get a fully functioning website template with all the necessary pages, you'll also get:

Sales Page Templates

Create sales pages directly on your website that convert like crazy.

In Module 2 of Your First1K, you'll create a simple sales page for your first digital product, paid workshop, or email course. 

You could do it yourself - or you could just use our done-for-you template that is proven to convert and make more sales!

You'll be able to:

  • Add strategic countdown timers
  • Create mock ups and graphics of your products and courses
  • Add testimonials to your page
  • Create a drop-down FAQ section

And more!

You don’t need a finished product to start earning from your idea - but you DO need a badass sales page that gets people to buy!


An Entire Set of Webinar Pages

You'll learn how to create a set of webinar pages in Squarespace that convert like crazy, and look on-brand and styled to match what you're selling. This creates an amazing experience for your webinar registrants from the time they sign up and register, to the moment they hit the "buy now!" button!

You will get:

  • Webinar Registration Page templates
  • Webinar Thank Your Page templates with viral sharing built in
  • Live Webinar Pages with the chat box embedded, and high-converting call to action buttons!

Webinars are one of the main ways we generate revenue - and it's something you'll do to in Module 5 of Your First 1K! 

You'll have all the pages you need to be successful without paying for extra software like LeadPages, since it's all "under one roof" in your existing website account!

Create Graphics That Look Professional 


Have you ever wondered how people get those nice-looking mock ups of laptops and iPads with their product displayed on them?

Have you tried to create images of you that you can use on a sales page that look amazing?

Do you want those pro-looking circle head shots next to your testimonials?

We have got you covered! You'll be able to create all of those things and more with this template. 

  • Cut yourself out of a background and put a different color behind you
  • Create mock-ups on different devices
  • Easily create circle headshots of your clients and customers

And you won't need Photoshop, expensive software, or any technical skills to do it!

We specifically show you how to use free apps and programs that anyone could use - to keep is easily accessible. 

You know what you want.


A blog and a way to easily sell your products and grow your list.


An amazing looking website - easily and even if you're not a designer. 


You don't have time or money to waste - you want an affordable way to get your site up FAST.


To see the site template in action, simple click on the screen to the left and explore the site for yourself.

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You'll see webinar pages, your home page, course pages, and more!

It's all customizable too - so you can easily brand it to your own style. 

You will have a website that you are obsessed with, specifically designed to get you MORE email subscribers and make MORE sales!

This offer is only available for a few hours.

You'll get your full website template, your sales page template, your webinars pages templates, and the ability to create professional graphics using all free tools!


(Just click "Visitor Access" and enter the captcha)

Or just two easy payments of $75/month for two months

*Please note! You will receive your Sales Page Templates immediately upon purchase, since you will need those for Module 2 of Your First 1K!

Then you will receive your Website in a Box and Webinar Page Templates on May 31st, when you will start implementing the strategies that require webinar pages and blogging :)


Due to the nature of this immediate-access template, there are no refunds.