If you're a blogger, coach, freelancer, or teacher, it's time you had an online course.

Bloggers: Courses are the best way to monetize your blog platform and your audience.

Teachers: If you’ve ever been an educator, taught a class, or have done some live-in person workshops, courses are the best way to leverage your educational material into profit.

Coaches: Leverage your experience and coaching into the one-to-many model. Courses are the best way for you to stop trading dollars for hours, expand your impact and reach, and help more people.

Thought Leaders: Creating a course positions you as a thought leader in your industry, and it’s one of the best ways to share your ideas and connect with other influencers.

Freelancers: Create passive income in addition to your client work and share your skills and knowledge. Right now, you have a limited number of clients you can help at any given time - and the truth is that there are so many people who would LOVE to work with you, but simply can't afford your high-end client packages. Create an additional income stream, and satisfy your audience with an online course.

Anyone with a Skill, big or small: You can turn your knowledge of a software, platform, instrument, process or any other “skill” into an online course. 

Anyone with a little product that is ready to go pro: If you already have a small product, an eBook or an email course, it's time to upgrade your content and experience to create a SIGNATURE course that you can charge a premium price for and launch the heck out of.

If you already have a course but you know it could do better: Maybe you've launched before, but didn't see the results you wanted. Maybe you have a course that is doing okay - but the systems are terrible, the delivery doesn't make your customers happy, and the positioning and packaging could use an upgrade. Re-launch your existing course with a bang - so you can make more money and have a bigger impact with the course you've been struggling to sell.

If your platform, sales page, copy, delivery and marketing doesn't do your stellar content justice: If you have an existing program or course that you know is totally awesome, but you are being held back and crippled by a platform, delivery, sales page, or brand that doesn't do your life-changing content justice, this is for you. You have an incredible course that gets life-changing results and testimonials. The content is amazing. But the sales page, your marketing, your course delivery method, and your packaging aren't doing you any favors, and are actually holding you back from your course making the impact and income that it should!