What's in the course?


8 killer modules, each packed with easy-to-follow list-building and product creation lessons.


Real case studies: This course is NOT based on ideas or "theory" - it is all tried and tested, with real examples.

Workbook and Progress Tracker: 70-Page Workbook, your own Progress Tracker, 60 days of Printable day-by-day calendars, and more.


Analytics, behind the scenes details, conversion rates for each strategy, and scripts. We're talking full-frontal:  EVERYTHING is exposed.

FOUNDATION & BLITZ strategies: your site becomes a conversion machine, & you land amazing windfalls (300 - 500 new subscribers in a day).


Resources & tech tutorials: easy to understand graphics, tech tutorials, and examples: I'm not just going to tell you how to do something, I'm going to show you.