Here's the thing: most people want to find a course idea, and then find the people to buy it. In this video, I walk you through a radical new way of actually discovering your profitable idea with a fun "scavenger" hunt. Watch it now!


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Sheila Brown, Portable Income Strategist at SheilaKBrown.com


Caroline Guntur, Photography Organizer at DpoPro.co


Brittany Berger, Automation Expert at BrittanyBerger.com

Hey there! I'm Mariah.

My first online course was about how to live in a vintage camper. Sounds weird right? Well in that tiny niche, I built up a six figure business with no prior experience in marketing (and just about zero tech skills!). 

Over the years, I tested and tweaked and launched many times. I created more courses. Over time, I figured out that I had developed a system that I could use in any niche, any industry, with any course or launch. It just worked...every single time!

Now I teach others how to change their lives, and the lives of their students, through online courses. My mission is to change 10 million lives through online education (with your help!). 

I truly believe that everyone has something to share with an online course, no matter how big or small. I'm happy you're here!