From $10k months to $100k months...with the same course business model

When I first created an online course and started selling it, I took full advantage of the freedom that you can create in your life with courses, and I traveled the country for two years, exploring every national park, visiting friends in every state, and even flying overseas for vacations and trips whenever the mood struck.

It was great, and it really is a testament to how leveraged creating online courses can really be.

No matter where I was in the world, or how little I worked, my course brought in at least $10k / month on autopilot. Like clockwork.

This was a lot of fun, but eventually I turned my focus to creating my existing education empire.

I focused on growth, introduced a few more courses, really leveled up my marketing and sales - and within a few months I was bringing in closer to $100k/month.

I show you this so you can see that you can create both of these types of businesses with courses.

You can create a highly-leveraged, passive-income lifestyle business, or you can create an educational empire and scale your business to six, seven, or eight figures and beyond.