Phase 1: Pre-Launch Free Workshop Promotion: October 3rd - October 16th

The purpose of these emails is to promote the upcoming free 3-part video workshop. These are super high quality training videos with some of my best content in them! When you email your list and promote the video workshop, your audience will download the free “Course Creator Starter Kit” and register for the videos at the same time.

You can email your list about the upcoming video workshop (and the Course Creator Starter Kit that they’ll get immediately) anytime between October 3rd and October 16th. I recommend sending one announcement, and one reminder closer to the 16th. 


Phase 2: Free Videos As Released Promotion: October 17th - October 21st (Optional)

If you would like to, you are invited to remind your audience about the free videos as they are released one by one. 

This is completely optional!

If you think your audience would be interested, you may email the people who you have tagged as “interested” in the video workshop (because they clicked on your affiliate link to the free workshop registration page) about each video as they are released between October 17th and October 21st. 


Phase 3: Cart Open Period: October 25th - October 31st (Optional - Cart Closing Email recommended!)

These emails are also optional. If you’d like to promote LYSC™ while the cart is open, you can email your entire list (or just those who have tagged as they clicked your link) to let them know that the cart is open, and when the cart is closing.

**In my experience, “Cart closing” and “last chance” emails perform the highest for affiliates! If you’d like to get that extra push, these can be really worthwhile.