The proven, easy to follow process for building and launching your own signature online course, so you can go from concept, to course, to cash.


You have a unique gift to share, a skill to teach, knowledge to impart, and experience to guide others on - your signature course is how you’ll turn that knowledge, skill, or experience into an income and an impact.

You know you want to create an online course - you already know it’s the best way to turn the skills, knowledge, and experience into profits and expert status, and a high leveraged business model.

You might even have a course idea in your head, just waiting to make it out into the world.


What you don’t know is…

  • How long should my course be? And how do I price it?
  • How exactly to create the course - videos, PDFs, slides - it all sounds like a lot to figure out

  • How to set up a sales page and a membership site to host and protect your content

  • How to build your audience before your course launch so that you’re launching to a list of raving, salivating fans

  • How to package and position your course (the tricky stuff)

  • How to launch your course (so many moving parts) in way that sets your audience and your industry on fire.

I know - there are so many questions and even confusion when it comes to actually launching your course. We'll help you.

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You’re ready for making more money with less time.

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You’re ready to be instantly seen as the expert in your niche.

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You’re ready to leverage your skills and knowledge, your experiences and gifts, and turn it into profit.

Launch Your Signature Course™ is the step by step program that shows you how to create, build, and launch a course that you can sell again and again.

We will show you every single detail, in order and in a clear and easy to follow style, how to come up with a profitable course idea (with a proven formula), how to build your course and curriculum, and how to launch like a pro (even if you’ve never done it).

Build an asset you can sell again and again. Launch Your Signature Course™.