9 - 10 am: List-Building Map Session

  • We'll go over list building maps together, and making our collaboration lists. We'll be talking about the more advanced techniques we're implementing too.

10 - 11 am: Pricing and Tiers/Offer Workshop

  • We'll map out your bonuses, figure out your tiers and payment options and get everything in a spreadsheet so you know exactly what you're offering.

11 - 12 pm: Launch Calendars

  • We'll bust out our calendars and planners and use my method for outlining pre-launch and launch dates (when to send emails, when to do a webinar, etc).

12 - 1:30 pm LUNCH

2 - 3 pm: Launch Calendars

  • We'll look at the next year and plan your (re)launch dates, financial goals, evergreen offers, and big picture planning.