What if you could make a full-time income launching a course just once or twice a year?


That's what having your own signature course allows you to do.

Of course, you can decide whether you want to use courses to build a passive-income (leveraged) lifestyle business that you can run from anywhere with just a few hours of work per month, or use courses to build an educational empire that reaches massive audiences and profits (we'll talk more about these later!).

If you're ready to hear the "cha-ching" notification on your phone - while you're out at lunch, at the beach, or spending time with friends - I encourage you to join us (this is just one of my favorite parts of selling online courses - that little "cha-ching" notification never gets old!).

3 years, 3,000 happy students, more than 50 five-figure+ launches.

I'm Mariah, and I've taught more than 3,000 students through online courses, and earned multiple six figures in less than a year. I've built 6 new courses in 18 months, and have had more than 50 successful 5-6 figure launches.

In Launch Your Signature Course™, you will create an online course using the methods and strategies that have been PROVEN to work across industries and in over 50+ launches (both my own and my clients and students).

I’ve used these exact methods to launch more than 8+ online courses in the last two years, have executed more than 50+ five-figure launches, and have built more than a few multi-six figure empires using these exact steps in this program.


"Mariah is a brilliant business woman and really is just so passionate and smart about wanting to help people be as successful as she is. She introduced me to the wild world of e-courses and she helped me build my fashion brand into an online course!"

- Julie, fashion designer


"Girl, I'd still just be dreaming instead of doing without your courses! Thanks SOOOO much!"

- Tiffany, style coach


"Mariah is our secret weapon. We have all the data on what's working in online courses and nothing right now is working even remotely as well as Mariah's playbook. She's the real deal and maybe the most significant voice in the online course space in 2015."

- Ankur, Founder of Teachable