“I've paid for other launching courses, and yours is BY FAR the best one, hands down. It's so damn packed with value it's not even funny. I'm following all the steps of LYSC™ while also running another 6-figure branch of my business. I pre-sold my course even though I was TERRIFIED. With only 60 or so people on my focused, pre-launch e-mail list (from my amazing checklist and landing page I made because of LYSC), I've sold 11 spots for $2,567.59.

I've only done 1 webinar so far, but now that I know the course will sell, I'll be focusing on more list-building after I'm done all my modules (I'm half-way there now!). Thank you for this amazing course. Best course I've ever taken."

 - Ashley Srokosz, AshleySrokosz.com