In addition to the Core Curriculum, your enrollment includes 6 Advanced Trainings.

1. Find Your Niche Masterclass

If you're not sure how to narrow down your niche, this masterclass course will help you pick your unique niche in just a few hours. 

2. 10+ Guest Expert Workshops

We bring in the best experts to teach topics like Pinterest, Passive Income, Webinars, Email Marketing, Social Media, Visual Marketing and more! Hear from your favorite entrepreneurs in this collection of exclusive guest trainings. 

3. Launching With a VA (How to Delegate and Dominate)

You'll learn Exactly what to outsource during your launch, How to delegate and decide on what to do yourself versus what to outsource, and my personal insights, How to be empowered to hire a VA or use yours to their fullest potential during this critical time. See how I work in my Project Management system with my team to delegate tasks, stay organized with everyone's to-do lists, and communicate effectively.


4. SCRUM & Time Management Training

We use a combination of SCRUM methodology, Sprinting, and the Kanban system for daily and weekly tasks. We'll show you our personal Asana workflow, and you'll be able to plan out your own Sprints - even if you're a one-person team! If you love organization, planning, and productivity - this training is going to be your favorite thing ever.

5. F*ck Yeah Funnels


This is the perfect complement to Launch Your Signature Course.™ I show you exactly how I turned my sales and subscriber acquisition on autopilot, in a funnel that brings in more than $1k a day. Learn the 4 types of funnels, your content categories, the sequence that is proven to convert, and more.

6. Re-Launching Like A Pro Workshop


Re-launching your course the second, third, and tenth time is where the magic of creating these "assets" really starts to shine. You can re-use your launches with a few small tweaks, and this training explains re-launching your signature course.